Steps of Using a Bidet Toilet to Ensure You Maintain Good Hygiene
Bidets are quite common in Europe, Latin America, and Asia and they usually come in a variety of types depending on the individual’s preference. A bidet is known to use a stream of water to enable it to function similarly to the toilet paper. In this discussion, we are going to look at a couple of steps that can enable an individual to benefit from using a bidet in the most simple and hygienic way. The purpose of the bidet is mainly to help you clean after using the toilet, therefore you have to use the toilet first so that you can benefit from it. Depending on what you prefer, you can use the bidet on its own or together with toilet paper. This all depends on what makes you comfortable. The majority of modern bidets are built into the toilet seat and therefore this makes cleaning after use of the toilet much convenient since you don’t need to get up in order to enjoy the services of the bidet. Bidets come in three types which include the standalone bidet, seat bidets, and handheld bidet. Read more about bidet toilet, click here.

When it comes to cleaning yourself with the bidet, you should ensure that you adjust the temperature to the strengths of the jet so that you can be more comfortable. Ensure that you control both the hot and cold temperatures until you settle for something that will meet your needs. Make sure that you take care when turning on the water since it can easily splash and get out of control. Ensure that you know exactly where the nozzle is placed otherwise you may end up having a shower without notice. Make sure that you also position yourself well for you to clean the required places. For you to clean your rear and genitals well, you may have to get your hands wet and clean them afterward.You can learn more about bidet here.

The majority of the modern bidets have in-build driers and therefore once you are through, you should make sure that you dry the sink. Once you are through with the bidet, ensure that you use the jets in low pressure in order to clean the bidet and keep it fresh and ready for another person to use. This is shows courtesy which should be extended with all bidet users. Finally, just like any other toilet use, ensure that you wash your hands well after using the bidet.
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